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Melissa Lee


Making the decision to be vulnerable and engage in therapy is not an easy one and it can be an

uncomfortable journey. I aim to create an empathic, safe, and supportive environment where

each of my clients can express themselves without the fear of judgement. My goal as a

therapist is to meet clients where they are, build on the strengths they already possess, and

provide skills and tools to help them accomplish their goals.

My approach of therapy is collaborative and tailored to where you are on your therapeutic

journey and work at a pace comfortable for you. We’ll work on understanding the problems in

your life and their underlying causes. As your therapist, I will help with guidance through the

various challenges and transitions that are present in your life. I utilize evidence-based

practices, variety of various interventions, and strategies to best fit your needs.

Working with a therapist is an investment in yourself. I would love to work alongside you as you

begin to break old patterns, create more effective habits, and start living the life you have

envision for yourself. I would be happy to schedule a consultation, I offer flexible hours, feel

free to contact me by email if you have any questions regarding services.

Melissa Lee
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